Lessons on Daniel

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Below you will  find  each of the  chapters in the  book.


  1. Daniel’s Early  Days (Daniel 1)
  2. The Dream of the Great Statue (Daniel 2)
  3. The Rock Smites the Statue (Daniel 2)
  4. Three Young Hebrews (Daniel 3)
  5. The Dream of the Great Tree (Daniel 4)
  6. At The Feast  of Belshazzar (Daniel 5)
  7. The Lion’s Den (Daniel 6)
  8. The Four Beasts (Daniel 7)
  9. The Ram and the Shaggy Goat (Daniel 8)
  10. Daniel’s Great Prayer (Daniel 9)
  11. The Prophecy of the  Seventy ‘Weeks’ (Daniel 9:24-27)
  12. The Course and Events of Daniel’s Seventy ‘Sevens’
  13. Daniel’s Three Weeks of Prayer (Daniel 10)
  14. “The Writing of Truth” (Daniel 11)
  15. The Last Word (Daniel 12)
  16. A Retrospect on the Book of Daniel
  17. Questions on Daniel


The first edition [written 1944] of these Studies in Daniel was sold out more quickly than anticipated, and for a number of years since the book has been out of print. During this time calls for the book continued. The Word and Work now at length has decided to yield to the constant demand for these “Lessons On Daniel”, and to republish the book. It is a work of faith on our part, for the cost of publication is beyond the limited ability of the Word and Work. But may it please God to bless this work and the sacrifices of his people which make it possible; and to use this little book unto much good. We believe its mission to be a timely one in view of the turbulent and ominous days in which we are living, and which may well turn out to be the days of the end-time to which the book of Daniel points.

Louisville, Kentucky 1953. —   R. H. Boll.



This most excellent little book has been out of print for many years. A great need has been felt here in Zimbabwe for such a work as this, and such works are not generally available to the simple Christian who would like something that is true to the Word to help him in his study of the prophecies.

It was this editor’s privilege to study the Bible under R. H. Boll, one of the very finest Bible teachers and preachers of his generation. He was a truly devout and humble follower of Jesus Christ, one who radiated the love of Christ. A true student of the Scriptures, he spent long hours daily in study. A life-time of such study, as he walked with the Lord, brought him many insights that were a delightful blessing to his students. As a teacher of the Word, he was without equal. He excelled in explaining any doctrine of the Bible. Yet, in the matter of Bible prophecy, he excelled most. Cutting through all the hype and sensationalism and perversion and queer ideas that men have devised, he was able to show what the Word of God says. He often exhorted his students. “Do not accept anything I have taught you just because I have said it. Accept it only if you can see it for yourself from the Word of God.”   (And, of course, whatever one sees in the Word of God, the child of God must accept.)

Many thanks are due to my good wife, Joy, who typed these “Lessons” into the computer. These lessons were originally written using the text of The American Standard Version of the Bible of 1901. That was, many believe, the very finest and most accurate English translation of the Scriptures. Unfortunately, that Version is no longer generally available and has never been available here in Zimbabwe. In this, the third, edition of these Lessons on Daniel, we first started by using the text of the New International Version, but due to copyright considerations we decided to use the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE-UPDATED EDITION. It was a tremendous amount of work to change all the Scripture quotations to this new version of the Bible. But we hope the reader will find it helpful and profitable. I have also thought it helpful to change the occasional archaic expression into more modern English and break up a number of very long involved sentences into shorter sentences, but have nowhere changed the thought or meaning of what R. H. Boll had written.

This has been a labor of love and is a work of faith, looking to the Lord to provide the means for this publication.

Ruwa, Zimbabwe. February, 1995 — Revised again, November, 2000 — R. L. Garrett


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